The North Coast

The Project

The North Coast is a collective to unite Cornwall’s creators, artisans, and brands within a vibrant online marketplace. Developed with a deep appreciation for Cornwall’s unique and diverse creative community, the vision behind this project sought to showcase the array of beautiful and distinctive items crafted within the county.

The goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly online space that seamlessly connects buyers with the talented makers of Cornwall. The website boasts a clean and modern UI that shines the spotlight on the products themselves, while ensuring that all the necessary information is readily available for buyers to make informed purchasing decisions.


The Outcome

I’m a brand designer from Cornwall, UK, and I’m devoted to helping your business become unforgettable.


Company Rebrand, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Strategy, Website Development, Ecommerce, Copywriting, Story Telling, Hosting


The North Coast project was a source of immense pride for me. It stands as a testament to the beauty and creativity of Cornwall, embodying a genuine passion for supporting and promoting local people and businesses.

Robert Griffett - The North Coast

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