Teylu Collective

The Project

Teylu Collective is a boutique sea glass jeweller based in Newquay, Cornwall. Feeling it was time for a website makeover, Paige approached me to update her website. Moving away from her self-made Wix site, Paige aimed for a new platform that mirrored the simplicity and natural charm of her beautiful pieces.

Choosing a minimalist design wasn’t just about aesthetics – it was a way to let Paige’s jewelry shine and take centre stage on her site. With a clean palette of whites and soft pastels, the website turned out clutter-free – exactly what Paige loves, believing that sometimes, less is more.


The Outcome

I’m a brand designer from Cornwall, UK, and I’m devoted to helping your business become unforgettable.


Company Rebrand, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Strategy, Website Development, Ecommerce, Copywriting, Story Telling, Hosting


It was obvious that Rob truly cared for the project and my business, and wanted to help me succeed. His skills and design eye are great. I couldn’t recommend Rob enough!

Paige Pleasants - Teylu Collective

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