Save Our Bays

The Project

Save Our Bays is a charity dedicated to protecting the UK’s southwest coastlines. My role was to rebrand and refresh their existing branding, website, and marketing efforts.

I started by redesigning their existing logo and creating a complementary secondary logo to enhance SOB’s visual identity. I also developed new charity ethos that resonates with their mission and values. To better inform and engage their audience, I built out informational pages highlighting various charity campaigns and created an animal facts section to educate visitors about the local wildlife Save Our Bays protects. Additionally, I developed a news/blog area to provide updates and share stories about the organisations impactful work.

Through this project, I aimed to create a cohesive and engaging online presence with charachter and charm for Save Our Bays, helping them to better connect with supporters and further their mission of preserving the coastlines.


The Outcome

The rebranding and website overhaul significantly enhanced Save Our Bays’ online presence, resulting in increased engagement and support for their campaigns. The updated branding and new features helped the charity effectively communicate their mission and educate the public about the importance of protecting the UK’s southwest coastlines.


Charity Rebrand, Logo Redesign, Graphic Design, Website Development, Identity Building, Strategy Development, Ethos Building, Digital Assets, Video Editing, Hosting


Rob has transformed my brand by building a new site from scratch, creating a fantastic logo, and finding fresh signature colours – basically an entirely new look. Rob was able to transform my ramblings into a coherent and focussed message, and shape my brand into something relevant and eye-catching. Strong recommend!

Barnaby Kay - Save Our Bays

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