Free Flow Yogi

The Project

Free Flow Yogi is a Falmouth-based yoga group founded by Kate. As a newly certified yoga instructor, Kate teamed up with me to create a website that not only introduces her yoga services but also reflects her vibrant vision for her yogi lifestyle.

We created the theme of the her brand to have warm autumnal colours, creating a digital nook as inviting as Kate’s vision. Her website mirrors her commitment to nurturing a friendly and supportive space for everyone who steps onto the mat. And, of course, we sprinkled the site with snapshots capturing Kate’s own yogi journey, giving visitors insight into the Free Flow Yogi experience.

With a user-friendly design and easy booking system, the website invites clients to explore Kate’s offerings and book a spot in her classes, hassle-free. It’s more than a website—it’s the first chapter in Kate’s exciting new yoga venture, beautifully encapsulating her journey, her life, her yoga, and her passion for guiding others along their own unique paths.


The Outcome

I’m a brand designer from Cornwall, UK, and I’m devoted to helping your business become unforgettable.


Company Rebrand, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Strategy, Website Development, Ecommerce, Copywriting, Story Telling, Hosting


Rob created a fantastic Web site for me. He really captured what I wanted for my business even when I found it really hard to articulate it!

He was able to create cohesion with my site and my social media and I am delighted with the end result. No hesitation recommending him and ill be using him for future projects. Thank you!

Kate - Free Flow Yogi

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