Eleventh Eve

The Project

Step into the world of Eleventh Eve, where homeware becomes an art form. Born in the charm of St Ives, Cornwall, Eleventh Eve is the creative brainchild of Eva. Inspired by her own name, Eleventh Eve crafts exquisite gypsum homeware.

Eva envisioned a website as unique as her creations, a virtual space which reflected Eleventh Eve’s distinctive name. Together we wove the brand’s essence into every digital thread. Picture a midnight black backdrop, a canvas carefully chosen to spotlight the vividness and intricate details of Eva’s designs.

Merging striking aesthetics with seamless navigation, our creation invites users to effortlessly explore the creations of Eleventh Eve. Against the midnight black, Evas work is presented bold and vivid, to perfectly capture the essence of this St Ives brand’s wonderful homeware. 


The Outcome

I’m a brand designer from Cornwall, UK, and I’m devoted to helping your business become unforgettable.


Company Rebrand, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Identity, Strategy, Website Development, Ecommerce, Copywriting, Story Telling, Hosting


Start to finish Rob was totally dedicated and enthusiastic. Even when I was struggling with descriptions of my own products he was full of ideas and articulated things perfectly. Rob had a strong vision of how it would work and put it together so professionally!

Eva - Eleventh Eve

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