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Hi, I’m Robert Griffet, a 30-something professional beach bum, amateur photographer and brand developer. My passion lies in visual storytelling, to help businesses establish themselves and effectively communicate their ambitions and offerings within their sectors. I achieve this by bringing my own personal perspective to the table, with the goal of disrupting and engaging people through carefully structured design and content. 

At the heart of my work is a dedication to developing digital services that unify and help you and your business find a deeper understanding of how you operate and present your unique message to your customers. 

Why I Love Doing What I Do

I am simply passionate about what I do. As a person, I am highly focussed and dedicated to exceeding your expectations, delivering the best quality outcomes and providing real value.

What I do

I Help Businesses Express Their Vision Through the Art of Visual Storytelling, Compelling Copy and Insightful Design

Hi, I'm Rob

Here’s what I do best, catching flights and not feelings. I’m here to help you on your digital journey by creating cohesive digital identities to enhance you and your business’s online presence.  

Robert Griffett - By Rob Studio

Hi, I'm Rob

I’m here to help you with your digital journey by creating winning websites and digital services to enhance your business’s online presence.  

Rob Griffett - By Rob Studio

By Rob Studio Quick FAQ's

If I have to ask you this question I don’t know if I should be working with you. 

Your website is your most valuable marketing tool, it presents your business to potential and existing customers. A good website is essential to establish your credibility and effectiveness within your industry and marketplace.

Having a good quality website is crucial for your business success. A well-designed and functional website can showcase your dedication, talent, and expertise, while also attracting and engaging your customers to find what they seek.

I use the WordPress CMS. It’s hands down the most versatile platform for web design out there in terms of customizability and functionality. 

The main plugins I use for design and builds are Elementor and Crocoblock – both are equally powerful plugins which can create pretty much any idea imaginable online. 

I am also a designer as well as a developer (toots horn) and I am proficient in Adobe software – Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premier Pro, Rush and After Effects. 

If you ask me to use Canva I will be upset with you. However, I will create templates for you so you can use them on Canva.

Yes, I build with best SEO practices in mind. 

When building a website I utilise correct hierarchy, keywords and build for page speed and accessibility. 

However, there are many snake oil salesmen in the SEO world and avenues for SEO to align and work perfectly.  

Are you running advertisements and are all your socials running effectively? Do you have backlinks running from your domain and do you have domain authority. Are all your links working, are you registered on google, etc etc etc. 

The list really does go on. It’s best to discuss with me in person your plans and your goals so I can tell you what would work best for you. 


I utilise onsite SEO practices when building a website. Once the website goes live, it should take around 2-4 weeks before you can see it on search engines. 

However, with SEO there are many, many ways to improve your SEO and visibility.

This is something we should discuss in person, to decide what is the best option for you. 

Yes. Duh. 

Let’s make you a kick-ass ecommerce website! 

How long is a piece of string?

I analyse your business and it’s marketplace to give you an action plan of how to present and manage yourself online. 

Making a good website takes time and building one that returns customers is an artform. 

It could be that you need a simple website that may be finished within a couple of days, or you need a website that requires a lot of thought, action and development.

It is dependent on your needs, the scale of the project and your budget.  

Before you ask yourself how much I cost, ask yourself how much is the project worth to you. 

Loosely on an hourly rate I am around £75ph depending on the kind of work needed. 

On bigger jobs I will price this through a proposal when I know the scale of the project. 

The cost of my proposal is £150, payable before receipt of the proposal. 

If you’re looking for something quick, website wise, I have a  £995 website where I will work with you for 2 days one-to-one and get you online. This will get you off the ground and up and running. 

My payment plans are split into 60% on agreement of work commencing and the remaining 40% before handover. 

If the project runs over, we will discuss daily or weekly pricing which will be paid by the end of each subsequent week. 


All of the websites which I create come with 12 months free hosting. 

If you’re looking for me to host your services for you, please reach out to me to discuss this. 

By Rob Studio is not responsible for the legal texts of any website. 

For this you can contact Click Data, a specialised company that handles all online legal texts.

It is the responsibility of the website owner to look after their legal texts and practices.  

For every service that I provide, there will be a contract. 

Before any money exchanges hands, we will book a meeting together where we will discuss your options for what you may need and require. 

Once you accept my proposal or offer, and when first payment is made, this is considered a verbal contract and I’ll get to work right away. 

If you require a more detailed contract, we can discuss this in person. 

All intellectual property made by By Rob Studio during development is the property of By Rob Studio until final payment has cleared. 

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It all starts with a conversation. 

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Two heads are always better than one. 

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